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Step 5


the watershed

In order to create the opportunity for a sustainable future for Sinai communities, it is crucial to restore the natural water cycle again. We focus on the water cycle of the northern watershed, between Lake Bardawil in the north, and Gebel Katharina in the south. Balanced evaporation, water harvesting and infiltration rates by an increase of vegetation will lead to lower temperatures and improved local climate condition. To obtain the best results it is important that re-greening is carried out strategically in the right places.


Design & Research

The strategy proposed to restore the water cycle is based in large part on enhancing evaporation. This seems a counter-intuitive approach, as evaporation is often only considered as a loss of water within a watershed. However, evaporation is expected to lead to improved water availability, lower temperatures, enhanced condensation and improved moisture transport.


The Weather Makers are setting up a research theme called “natural water production“ for this specific step within WETSUS, in conjunction with Prof. Millán Millán.


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