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We can turn the Sinai into the lush Garden of Eden it used to be, and we need your help. Regenerating an ecosystem of that scale will create a huge amount of benefits for local communities: increasing food, fresh water, jobs, peaceful lives and a sustainable future. But there’s more: we have discovered that a greener and cooler Sinai can bring more moisture to the region, and can even positively influence the larger weather systems that cause extreme weather around the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.














We might be on the right track to stop global warming, but we still need a wide range of research and studies in a holistic framework in order to make this multidisciplinary masterplan a success. Therefore we invite you to collaborate in the associated research.

Check out the five main steps for the development of the masterplan. Please contact us for more information.

“We don’t have to accept degraded states, we have to fix them and that we can.”


- John D. Liu

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