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Do you want to join us in re-greening the Sinai?

We are a widespread group of international engineers and scientists. For the past three years, we are working on a restoration project that has the potential to change the future of the Earth and human civilization.


The broad concept synthesizes data from many disciplines including physics, social economics, geology, microbiology, botany, morphology, hydrology, meteorology and human history. The multi-dimensional meta-analysis concludes that vast areas of desertification in this world are human-induced and can be restored.


We envision a holistic, multidimensional, symbiotic approach for ecological regeneration in the Sinai. There is much to study and to do. We have identified five main steps for development:

STEP 1.png
STEP 2.png
STEP 3.png
STEP 4.png
STEP 5.png
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